Mistress America

I don’t know exactly how Mistress America looked and felt so familiar to me. Maybe because I’m getting to recognize Baumbach, or it’s just that from time to time I watch an episode of Mozart in the Jungle (where Lola Kirke stars). I also suspect watching a Woody Allen film every year for 25+ years might have something to do with it.

But my bet is on this strange nostalgia twenty- and thirtysomethings seem to feel for the Eighties, which kind of permeates so many recent movies and series. It’s not nostalgia for the Eighties how they were, but for their cinema.

Take Stranger Things. I watch Stranger Things and think, oh that’s how it was back then at the cinema, except that me and Winona were much younger.

So I don’t really know what younger people think about all this. Do they believe the Eighties were like that? Or are they just nostalgic of not-so-old movies?