Petting Zoo

From the long list of films I would like to watch, I recently picked up Petting Zoo, randomly. I have no recollection of how it ended up in my list in the first place, but I’m happy it did. It’s a small film really, quietly strong, completely free of affectation, paternalism and male gaze.

Remember being a teen, when pregnancy was something terrifying and strangely urgent, something that could literally happen in the present? I don’t know why it feels different as an adult, maybe because adulthood is all about planning, even when it’s only grocery shopping. By coincidence I was watching 17 Girls the other week, which is a completely different kind of film, about negotiating teen pregnancy between empowerment and ordinary fate, but still there’s this idea of pregnancy being like some kind of uncontrollable fever.

Well, cinema can really use a woman’s perspective sometimes.