Watching T2 was admittedly a lot of fun and I can’t really remember when Mark Renton even started being so cute in the first place.

We can safely say that T2 is a film with a lot of good acting. But apart from that, there is nothing exceptional about this sequel. The plot is nothing like Porno, which puzzled me a bit. There’s some regular bromance, a touch of immigration they way we know it today, the usual narrative about being now an adult, and lots of orange details in place of the red/green/blue colour coding of the original Trainspotting.

Watching T2 felt a bit like watching The Blues Brothers, an exhilarating crime comedy about being able to remember an earlier era.

But it’s a laughable future we live in. We ride a fancy tram in Edinburgh, we buy stuff with money we got from some European project (I ate sooo many cookies last year), we have developed an addiction to the gym.

We are nothing special.