In Real Life

In general, Cory Doctorow‘s ideas always reasonate with me and I am happy he exists at all, even if sometimes it seems to me he’s just stating the obvious.

I enjoyed reading In Real Life, it’s visually compelling (Jen Wang!) and the story is sweet.

It felt slightly patronizing here and there so I’m not sure who the reader is supposed to be in the first place. Kids who need to be taught the social consequences of gold farming and/or of gamer girl shaming? Adults who don’t know a thing about gaming and need to understand MMORPG communities and how their kids actually live in them? It’s certainly a story from a very white middle class point of view, with naive but well-intentioned kids, clueless parents and a stereotyped Chinese society somewhere far far away.

Even from my mostly-white, kind-of-middle-class standpoint, I could not help missing Raymond’s perspective.

But still, it’s a brilliant work, very relevant to our real life and therefore you should read it, no matter who you are.