Refusing Defeat


I’ve been waiting since last April for an opportunity to use this lovely Anan cover here. It’s officially Olympic season and Yuzuru Hanyu is going for his second gold medal. I don’t know exactly how it is so important to him, but that’s the very reason why it is kind of important for me too.

We’re taught from an early age that we need to learn to accept defeat. But what if we refuse defeat?

Last Tuesday I devoted most of my free time to watching Nadal being beaten by a tall guy with a strong serve. It took an awfully long time because Nadal simply refused to sink. It was a depressing and exhilarating experience at the same time, but mostly it was an excellent game of good lawn tennis.

Afterwards Nadal said to the journalists that he felt sorry for the fans. Well don’t be Rafa. You taught a lesson in mental strength and we’re not going to forget it.

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