Child in Time

I watched Child in Time and it was watchable, mostly because of the good acting. Great to see Cumberbatch and Kelly MacDonald, but they all shined, in my opinion. Only the story itself ended up being solely about grieving, so I missed the talks about the nature of time quite terribly.  Also the political background was erased, but at least this way I was spared the discomfort of having to deal with Thatcher (I will probably never recover from the creepy shadow Thatcher cast over my childhood).

The Child In Time

A few days later, after deciding this film is a “minor Cumberbatch tv thing”, something strange happened to me. I was driving home after having dinner with an old friend. I was tired, it was late, my house was quite far and a traffic light which is famously long turned red in front of me. I was waiting, I was bored, so I started to look at a small bridge crossing the river next to the traffic light. After I while, I saw I little girl walking on the bridge. Well I didn’t really see her, it was just a mental image, you can imagine. No, I hadn’t drunk too much, yes I am sure. So I though why am I seeing a little girl walking along this bridge at one o’clock in morning of a Wednesday it makes not sense. I told you, that traffic light is very long, which bought me time to realize that my preschool (my proper Reggio Approach preschool, in actual Reggio Emilia) was 200 meters along that road and we used to walk across that bridge to go places with the teachers. The little girl was me.

So either the film was not that bad, or the novel was so exceptionally good that it left a permanent impression on me.