Do You Love Me

I’ve tried a couple of times already to write about Nick Cave’s gig last November, but each time I failed. I’m not even trying now, you know. What I can say is that it was essentially like four years ago, but with more love.

An enormous, staggering amount of love.

And some back pain, from standing for eight hours (three hours outside, queuing up, two inside in the front rows, three hours of music), but that was because of the love, so it counts as love.

Now, can you see the little golden hand Nick was wearing? It was so beautiful and captivating.

Turns out it was modeled from his own hand and it represents the red right hand of course, in a collection of jewels Susie Bick as The Vampire Wife designed for Annoushka. Originally Nick Cave drew the concept and Susie Bick developed it into a collection of charms, each representing a song. It was launched yesterday and it’s totally amazing.

My favourite piece is Weeping Song, but I’m also intrigued by Do You Love Me.